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New for 2023-2024!

Wildflowers is a unique Friday morning enrichment class that cultivates wonder and curiosity and inspires emerging artists, scientists, writers, readers, and explorers! This class runs Fridays from 8:30 to 11 a.m. and is led by two co-teachers with one assisting parent/caregiver.

Across the year, teachers and students explore big ideas and topics through a multidisciplinary approach, integrating science, art, literacy, and nature education (e.g. How do we explore movement through different art mediums, science experiments, through stories, and what does it look like in our community and the wider world?). This deeper focus on emerging art, literacy, and science skills gives children the opportunity to:

  • Engage their interest in the natural world and community around them
  • Experience process art, child-directed, open-ended, inviting self-expression and celebrating discovery
  • Explore the scientific method through observation, developing hypotheses, and experimentation
  • Enrich emerging literacy through play, games, journaling, and stories (including students own story creations)

This guided exploration is extended through outdoor playtime, neighborhood and park excursions, and occasional off-site field trips.


Children need to be 3 ½ years old* and a student enrolled in an FTCNS core class to attend Wildflowers. To thrive in Wildflowers, students will need to be:

  • Confident in using the bathroom independently.
  • Comfortable separating from their parent/caregiver.
  • Able to follow directions and respect limits, sit and work together with a group, and wait/take turns.
  • Able to carry their own small backpack (provided by the school), and navigate longer walks and outdoor terrain.
  • Able to handle changes in routine when some weeks are different (with the included outdoor excursions and field trips).

*If your child is near 3 ½ years old by Sept. 1st or you have any questions about your child readiness, please contact us.

A green circle with a question mark in the middle