Dandelions is a unique Friday morning class that inspires emerging writers, readers, adventurers, and explorers! 

Fall & Spring Offsite Outdoor Explorations

In the fall and spring, small groups of 5-6 students, one teacher, and one parent chaperone engage in 2.5 hours of guided outdoor exploration at local parks and nature areas, using the natural world as a springboard for story creation, journaling, and storytime. At least one parent/caregiver per family is required to chaperone 2-3 times per year. Off-site drop-off and pick-up at local parks and nature areas is required. To enroll in Dandelions, students must be enrolled in a Core Class.


Winter Onsite Outdoor & Indoor Explorations

In the winter, Dandelions expands to a three hour class that meets at Families Together without parent chaperones. It includes neighborhood outdoor exploration combined with indoor play-based literacy, story-creation, art, and drama activities. In small groups of seven students, students create original stories, explore language and the alphabet through play and literature (including poetry, fiction, and non-fiction), act out stories, and have regular fine motor practice.



Students bring a snack and water bottle from home.



Children must be 3 1/2 and a student in an FTCNS core class to attend Dandelions.

If you are interested in the class, but aren’t sure if it is right for your child, here are some questions to guide your decision. Is your child:

Interested in creating stories and exploring the natural and built environment?

Comfortable being outside in all types of weather and wearing appropriate gear?

Able to carry their own small backpack and navigate walking on rocky terrain, over sticks and branches, etc.?

Able to handle changes in routine (as each week in Dandelions is a bit different from the week before)?

Able to follow directions and respect limits, sit with a group, and wait/take turns during a discussion?

Comfortable separating from their parent?

Confident in using the toilet independently?