Amidst all of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Families Together is proud that we have been able to continue to offer in-person play-based preschool classes during the 20-21 school year. This has been possible due to some key pre-existing features of our classrooms and our ability to implement new health and safety procedures. These include:

  • Our very large, well-ventilated classrooms with high ceilings and windows that we keep open during the school day. 
  • The transformation of our building’s front courtyard into a dedicated outdoor play space where we spend lots of time each day.
  • Requiring that all students and staff wear masks at all times–except when physically distanced for eating and drinking.
  • Intensive cleaning and disinfection before, during, and after the school day. 
  • Daily health screenings for staff, students, and families.
  • A reduction of our class sizes and an increase in staffing, with 12-17 students and three teachers per class. 
  • A pause in having parent volunteers in the classroom until the pandemic resolves.
  • The willingness of our families and staff to commit to limit their exposure and travel, comply with all city quarantine requirements, and stay home if anyone in their family is having COVID symptoms. 
  • Offering a small ongoing virtual class for families who cannot attend in-person school and having a plan to temporarily make all classes virtual if required by the city or state. 
  • Delivering care packages and offering opportunities for virtual connection to in-person students who have to stay home with COVID symptoms. 

While our commitment to authentic and joyful play-based learning has not wavered, we have had to adapt to ensure that we can fulfill this commitment while safeguarding the health of children, teachers, parents, and caregivers. We are incredibly grateful that the unique cooperative mission and spirit of our school has remained strong during this time of crisis, allowing us to lean on each other and embrace the understanding that keeping our community healthy is truly a shared responsibility.