Families Together Cooperative Nursery School Application for Enrollment 2022-2023 School Year

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    • Thank you for your interest in applying to Families Together Cooperative Nursery School! This application should take about 10 minutes to complete. If you would prefer to fill out a paper application and turn it into the office with your application fee, you may do so HERE.
    • Families Together Cooperative Nursery School (FTCNS) is a non-sectarian school that admits, welcomes, and nurtures children and families with different abilities, family structures, socio-economic levels, and cultural, ethnic, linguistic, gender, religious, racial, and other social identities. We endeavor to balance the following priorities in our approach to admissions:
      1. Giving students an equal chance to attend FTCNS and avoiding admissions processes that individually evaluate students or their families or give priority admissions to certain students in a non-transparent way.
      2. Constructing and maintaining a diverse school community that celebrates and reflects the differences in students’ and families’ social identities and reflects the demographics of our surrounding community.
    • FTCNS offers priority enrollment to returning students and siblings. In order to keep the admissions process impartial and open to all families, FTCNS admits new students through a blind lottery. The blind lottery is conducted after returning student/sibling enrollment is completed. Once lottery numbers have been assigned, we make every effort to give families their first choice of class/classes in lottery order, while attempting to balance for diverse classes.