The Families Together Board of Directors is made up of Families Together family representatives. These representatives assume certain roles and take on certain responsibilities, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Setting the school’s mission, purpose, core values, and direction;
  • Overseeing FTCNS program and program evaluation process to ensure that we are fulfilling our mission, etc.;
  • Enhancing the FTCNS public image;
  • Selecting, partnering with, evaluating, recruiting and supporting our Directors;
  • Assuring fiscal responsibility and stability;
  • Fulfilling specific positions on the Board (i.e. Treasurer, specific committee chair, etc.) and all duties assigned to this position;
  • Leading a committee (if assigned to do so) and ensuring that all assigned committee tasks are completed and responsibilities are fulfilled;
  • Balancing day-to-day committee work with a responsibility to focus on the “big picture”;
  • Assuring Board effectiveness;
  • Making a commitment to support the school financially through participation in fundraising efforts;
  • Building capacity; and
  • Increasing the school’s ability to succeed.

Unless a closed session is scheduled, all Board Meetings are open for FTCNS families to attend and participate. Board Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month from 7-9pm and, unless otherwise a closed session is required, all meetings are open to current FTCNS families.


To access the Board Meetings, Minutes Archive, and Current Members, please enter the Parent Portal password below:

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